Welcome to Paulmar!
Paulmar is a well established family owned business that has been operating for 14 years since 1994. it was started by Paul and Mary Mifsud with their son Michael joining the team in 2002. We currently have 12000m2 under plastic.
Growing Techniques 
The products are grown one meter above the ground in a fully recyclable Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) system. The advantages of growing in NFT are:
  • Cleaner no contact with the soil
  • Inclosed environment 98% free of pests and diseases
  • Minimal products for crop protection used
  • Highly water efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
Paulmar - The Brand
The Paulmar brand is recognised for consumer satisfaction, year round excellence in quality and shelf life. This is done bye the regular internal and external audits that take part through the year. We are covered and have a full SQF 2000 and HACCP plan. We take great pride in presentation and we believe we set the bench mark high for our competitors.
In the up coming years Paulmar will be releasing several exciting new products that are not in the current markets of today. The first of these products is Salanova Baby butters. Click on what’s new to find out more.